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Edge of Sanity




After a lab experiment unleashes mysterious fumes, Dr. Henry Jekyll undergoes a horrifying transformation into a savage alter ego who calls himself "Jack Hyde." Meanwhile, the depraved killer Jack the Ripper is slicing his way through the alleys of Whitechapel, leaving mutilated streetwalkers in his wake. Is there a connection between Jekyll/Hyde and Jack the Ripper? And can anyone stop his reign of terror.

French release date: July 19, 1989
Us release date: April 14, 1989

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Us poster from the movie Edge of Sanity

Main Cast

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll / Jack 
  • Elisabeth Jekyll
  • Susannah
  • Underwood
  • Johnny
  • Newcomen
  • Flora
  • Maria
  • Egglestone
  • Ann Underwood
  • Lanyon
  • Coroner
  • Mrs. Egglestone
  • Mr. Bottingham
  • Margot

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