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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde




A research scientist recreates a genetic formula discovered by his great-grandfather, but it causes him to turn into a beautiful and wicked woman who calls herself Helen Hyde...

British release date: December 08, 1995
Us release date: August 25, 1995

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Us poster from the movie Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

Main Cast

  • Helen Hyde
  • Dr. Richard Jacks
  • Sarah Carver
  • Oliver Mintz
  • Yves DuBois
  • Valerie
  • Pete Walston
  • Mrs. Unterveldt
  • Larry
  • Mrs. Mintz
  • Prof. Manning
  • Lawyer
  • Aunt Agatha
  • DuBois' Psychiatrist
  • Paparazzi Lady / Party Lady

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