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Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde




In Victorian London, young Dr. Jekyll attempts to create an Elixir of Life using female hormones stolen from the glands of fresh corpses. But when Jekyll drinks the experimental potion himself, he is transformed into a beautiful woman with an unstoppable taste for mayhem. Can both fiends share a rampage of ghastly murder and perverse desire, or will the ultimate battle of the sexes rage within Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde?

British release date: October 17, 1971

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Unknown artwork from the movie Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde (Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll
  • Sister Hyde
  • Professeur Robertson
  • Howard Spencer
  • Mrs. Spencer
  • Older Policeman
  • William Burke
  • Sergeant Danvers
  • Byker
  • William Hare
  • Susan Spencer
  • Town Crier
  • Betsy
  • First Policeman
  • Yvonne



Also Known As

  • Доктор Джекилл и сестра Хайд (inc)

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