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Doomwatch followed the work of a group of principled scientists trying to protect mankind and the environment from the worst excesses of technology and big business. The clunkily-named Department for the Observation and Measurement of Science, conveniently shortening to the snappier Doomwatch, was led by Dr Spencer Quist and included shy but brilliant Toby Wren, and dashing secret-service type John Ridge. They and various others investigated phenomena like environmental pollution, dangerous wonder-drugs, subliminal advertising, industrial sabotage, genetic engineering and out-of-control supercomputers. (BBC)

British release date: February 09, 1970

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British poster from the series Doomwatch

Main Cast

  • Dr. Spencer Quist
  • Colin Bradley
  • Dr. John Ridge
  • Barbara Mason

Also Known As

  • Doom Watch (inc)

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