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Doctor X




When the moon is full, a murderer stalks the streets of New York. The trail of carnage seems to lead to a mad scientist who conducts grisly experiments under the roof of his surgical research laboratory. Lee Taylor, a canny journalist, tries to unravel the mystery before the killer can strike again...

Us release date: August 27, 1932

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Us poster from the movie Doctor X

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jerry Xavier
  • Joanne 'Joan' Xavier
  • Lee Taylor, Daily World Repo
  • Dr. Wells - Academy of Surgi
  • Dr. Haines, Academy of Surgi
  • Dr. Duke, Academy of Surgica
  • Dr. Rowitz, Academy of Surgi
  • Mamie, Xavier's Maid
  • Police Commissioner Stevens
  • Otto, Dr. X's Butler
  • Detective O'Halloran
  • Daily World Editor
  • Mike, Waterfront Policeman
  • Cathouse Madame
  • Sheriff

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