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The Nutty Professor




Professor of chemistry with an ungrateful physics, Julius Kelp causes catastrophes and explosions in the University he teaches. Constantly mistreated by the director and his own students, he falls in love with the young Stella Purdy, the only student who takes him in pity. Decided to change physically to impress his surrounding, Kelp subscribes to a physic center, but without result. Frustrated, he closes in his laboratory and attempts to develop a drug capable to stimulate his muscular growth... » Get more informations…

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French poster from the movie The Nutty Professor

Main Cast

  • Prof. Julius Kelp / Buddy Lo
  • Stella Purdy
  • Dr. Mortimer S. Warfield
  • Millie Lemmon
  • Warzewski - Football Player
  • Football Player / Student
  • Mr. Elmer Kelp
  • Edwina Kelp
  • Dr. M. Sheppard Leevee
  • Bartender
  • English Student
  • College Student
  • Football Player
  • College Student
  • Gibson - College Student

Also Known As

  • Чoкнутый профессор (inc)

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