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The Doctor and the Devils




Thomas Rock is a brilliant young anatomy professor in 1820s Edinburgh. At first accepting only the cadavers provided him for study - those of a few hanged criminals a year - Rock eventually recruits two grave robbers to secure a better supply of corpses. Coming to the gory conclusion that they will earn more the "fresher" the corpses, the two begin committing murder and delivering warm bodies to the doctor's lecture chambers...

Us release date: October 04, 1985

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Us poster from the movie The Doctor and the Devils

Main Cast

  • Doctor Thomas Rock
  • Robert Fallon
  • Jennie Bailey
  • Dr. Murray
  • Timothy Broom
  • Elizabeth Rock
  • Dr. Thornton
  • Mrs. Flynn
  • O'Connor
  • Prof. Macklin
  • Annabella Rock
  • Billy Bedlam
  • Andrew Merry-Lees
  • Praying Howard
  • Mole

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