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Dr. Cyclops




A group of scientists leave for Peru to meet Dr. Thorkel who works on nuclear disintegration. After some days of collaboration, Thorkel becomes suddenly strange and demands that his guests leave. When they refuse, he uses a fantastic discovery against them : a condenser ray based on radium that reduces them to the size of liliputians... » Get more informations…

Us release date: April 12, 1940

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Unknown poster from the movie Dr. Cyclops

Main Cast

  • Dr. Thorkel
  • Bill Stockton
  • Dr. Mary Robinson
  • Dr. Bulfinch
  • Steve Baker
  • Pedro
  • Dr. Mendoza
  • Professeur Kendall


Also Known As

  • Доктор Циклопус (inc)
  • Doctor Cyclops (us)

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