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Steven Spielberg presents an epic entertainment event spanning three families, four generations and 50 years of unearthly secrets. With cutting-edge special effects and a storyline of gripping, otherworldly suspense, Taken launches you into a realm of alien abductions and deadly conspiracies reaching from World War II to the present. An extraordinary chronicle of humankind's relationship to the mysterious extraterrestrials in our midst...

British release date: January 11, 2003
Us release date: December 02, 2002

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Us poster from the series Taken

Main Cast

  • Allie Keys
  • Dr. Chet Wakeman
  • Lisa Clarke - Adult
  • Mary Crawford - Adult
  • Colonel Owen Crawford
  • Charlie Keys - Adult
  • Marty Erickson
  • Tom Clarke - Adult
  • Nina Toth - Adult


Also Known As

  • Steven Spielberg Presents Taken (us)

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