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The Ugly Swans




Viktor Banev, a novelist, after living several years in the United States, comes back to Russia as an observer for the UNO, to study the village of Tashlinsk. An absolute enigma for scientists throughout the world, the small town is stricken by strange climatic phenomena. Houses have been flooded and are now in advanced state of decay. Moreover, Tashlinsk is occupied by mutants endowed with an above-average intelligence, who have built a strange school for gifted children…

Russian release date: October 19, 2006

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French poster from the movie The Ugly Swans (Gadkie lebedi)

Main Cast

  • Viktor Banev
  • Ayzek Golemba
  • Pavel Sumak
  • Ira Baneva
  • Diana
  • Gennadiy Komov
  • Bora Kunitsa
  • Lyudmila
  • Valentin Pilman
  • Mokrets Zinoviy (also as Vic
  • (also as Victor Dzekanovsky)
  • (also as Vladimir Grigoriyev
  • (also as also Vasily Petrov)
  • ...
  • (also as also Anastasia Rude

Also Known As

  • Гадкие лебеди (ru)

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