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An unexpected nuclear strike has occurred and no one knows who did it or why it happened. With her husband away on business, and now unable to be reached, Carol Weatherly must remain strong for the sake of her children. Things take a turn for the worse once food and other supplies become scarce...

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Us poster from the movie Testament

Main Cast

  • Carol Wetherly
  • Tom Wetherly
  • Brad Wetherly
  • Mary Liz Wetherly
  • Scottie Wetherly
  • Hollis
  • Fania
  • Henry Abhart
  • Rosemary Abhart
  • Cathy Pitkin
  • Phil Pitkin
  • Mike
  • Larry
  • Hiroshi
  • Billdocker

Also Known As

  • Завещание (inc)

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