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Cannibal Apocalypse




The horrors of war take on a whole new meaning for Vietnam vet Norman Hopper (John Saxon), whose quiet domestic life in Atlanta is shattered by the return of Charlie Bukowski, a combat buddy who dredges up terrifying flashbacks of flesh eating and bloodshed in the war-torn jungles. Now on the run from the law after taking a bite out of an unwilling victim, Charlie begs Norman to help him get out of town with another fellow veteran, Tom (Tony King). Soon the ragtag team of cannibals are fighting for their lives, spreading a deadly contagion through the city before heading into the sewers...

Spanish release date: November 14, 1980
Italian release date: August 04, 1980

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Us poster from the movie Cannibal Apocalypse (Apocalypse domani)

Also Known As

  • Cannibal Massacre (inc)
  • Cannibals in the City (inc)
  • Invasion of the Fleshhunters (inc)
  • Savage Apocalypse (inc)
  • Savage Slaughterers (inc)
  • The Slaughterers (inc)
  • Apocalisse domani (it)
  • Cannibals in the Streets (us)

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