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Def-Con 4




As the astronauts of the Nemesis Missile Station orbit the Earth, World War III erupts below in a convulsive holocaust of nuclear fury. Months later, the spaceship is forced to crash land back on Earth, where the crew finds a wasteland ravaged by radiation and overrun by desperation, disease and cannibalism. But when they are captured by a group of sadistic survivalists, the astronauts find themselves in one final earthbound battle against time, contamination and total nuclear annihilation...

Canadian release date: May 31, 1985
Us release date: March 15, 1985

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Us poster from the movie Def-Con 4

Main Cast

  • J.J.
  • Vinny
  • Jordan
  • Gideon Hayes
  • Walker
  • Howe
  • Lacey
  • Alice
  • Boomer
  • Mrs. Boyd
  • WWN Newscaster
  • Newscaster
  • Vicious Trouper
  • Oldster
  • Squad Leader


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Also Known As

  • Defense Condition 4 (ca)

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