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Deep Impact




Leo Beiderman is a 14 years old adolescent. He is a astronomy fanatic and member of the club of astronomy of his high school to which participates equally Sarah Hotchner, his beloved. During an evening of observation, the photography that he takes with his little telescope grants him the discovery of a new comet that will be named comet of Wolf-Beiderman... Scientists are formal, the comet of Wolf-Beiderman will enter in collision with the earth in one year...

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British release date: May 15, 1998
Us release date: May 08, 1998

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Unknown poster from the movie Deep Impact

Main Cast

  • Spurgeon Tanner
  • Jenny Lerner
  • Leo Biederman
  • Robin Lerner
  • President Beck
  • Jason Lerner
  • Alan Rittenhouse
  • Oren Monash
  • Gus Partenza
  • Beth Stanley
  • Andrea Baker
  • Don Biederman
  • Sarah Hotchner
  • Mark Simon
  • Eric Vennekor



$80 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$349 464 000

Also Known As

  • Impact (us)

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