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Decoys 2: Alien Seduction




Those sex-crazed alien hotties are back, and plaguing another college campus! Kim Poirier and Corey Sevier return in the sequel to Decoys, the chilling thriller, in which aliens disguised as gorgeous coeds are seducing their classmates in an effort to save their species from extinction. Unfortunately, these intergalactic babes are having a hard time reproducing - their mating process causes their body temperatures to drop below freezing, giving their human mates a severe case of the shivers. One by one, the student body is dwindling... and it's up to Luke to get the message out, before it's too late!

British release date: March 12, 2007
Us release date: March 06, 2007

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Unknown poster from the movie Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

Main Cast

  • Luke Callahan
  • Sam Compton
  • Stephanie Baxter
  • Constance Snowden
  • Dr. Alana Geisner
  • Professeur Erwin Buckton
  • Henry Robbins
  • Peter Brunson
  • Nick Dean
  • Delia
  • Jasmine
  • Angeline
  • Arnold Steiner
  • Rocky
  • Evan

Also Known As

  • Decoys II (ca)
  • Decoys 2 (ca)
  • Piégés: la deuxième séduction (ca)
  • Decoys 2: Rebirth (us)
  • Decoys: The Second Seduction (us)

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