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The Final Programme




As the world teeters on the brink of nuclear anarchy, swinging London scientific genius Jerry Cornelius discovers that the microfilm formula for a self-replicating human being is missing. With the help of the beautiful and voraciously bisexual computer expert Miss Brunner, the pair must race through a wasteland by murder and madness to recover The Final Programme and trigger the creation of a startling new messiah...

British release date: October 04, 1973

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Us poster from the movie The Final Programme

Main Cast

  • Jerry Cornelius
  • Miss Brunner
  • Maj. Wrongway Lindbergh
  • John
  • Professeur Hira
  • Miss Dazzle
  • Dr. Baxter
  • Dr. Smiles
  • Dr. Powys
  • Dr. Lucas
  • Frank
  • Dimitri
  • Shades
  • Jenny
  • Nurse

Also Known As

  • The Last Days of Man on Earth (us)

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