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Deadly Ray from Mars




The Earth is being ravaged by mysterious floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. After blasting off in a rocket ship, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov discover that the source of the destruction is a mysterious ray emanating from the planet Mars. Flying to the rescue, Flash and his friends must overcome the cruel and beautiful Queen Azura and the legions of Claymen and Treemen of Mars. But lurking behind Azura's deadly schemes is the real culprit, Flash's archrival Ming the Merciless! Once again Flash must struggle against incredible odds to save the Earth from almost certain doom. But will he be in time?

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French poster from the TV movie Deadly Ray from Mars

Main Cast

  • Flash Gordon (archives)
  • Dale Arden (archives)
  • Ming the Merciless (archives
  • Dr. Zarkov (archives)
  • Happy Hapgood (archives)
  • Azura, Queen of Mars (archiv
  • Tarnak (archives)
  • The Clay King (archives)
  • Prince Barin (archives)


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