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Dark Skies




The history of the 20th century as we know it is a lie. The extra-terrestrials are living by our sides since the 40's, but the government has concealed the truth and has not unveiled it to the public. As the series progresses, we follow John Loengard and Kim Sayers in their attempts to counter the numerous projects of the "Hive", the alien organization which has decided to take control of the Earth. More, the two heroes have to keep distance from a governmental cover agency, "Majestic", whose task is to fight the aliens and keep the conspiracy under silence...

British release date: January 13, 1997
Us release date: September 21, 1996

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Unknown artwork from the series Dark Skies

Main Cast

  • John Loengard
  • Capt. Frank Bach
  • Old John Loengard
  • MIB #6
  • Kimberly Sayers
  • Lt. Commander Phil Albano
  • Jim Steele
  • Dr. Halligan
  • Juliet Stewart

Also Known As

  • Mračna Nebesa (inc)

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