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In the near future the Zircon Corporation has created the ultimate prison. A machine that

allows the containment of the human mind while terminating the individual's body: The Exile Chair. Unfortunately, the machine has a deadly side

effect. The containment world known as the Matrix, has metamorphisized itself into an entity that has crossed back over into this world, wiping out an

entire town. The question is, how will the corporation handle the deadly side effects of the program versus the possible weapon potential?


the same time, a mysterious man has escaped into the Matrix. He carries with him a program to eradicate our world at will. Special operative, Steven

Falcon must now travel across the void between our world and this other dimension. Risking his own life he pursues a killer that will unleash this

ultimate weapon from a place where anything can happen and reality and your dreams meet. Yet in this other dimension Falcon will soon discover that

everything and everyone he has ever known has betrayed him as the truth of who he really is becomes apparent...

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