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Dark Angel




A group of children genetically modified escapes from a military complex in the Wyoming. Despite the repeated efforts of the Colonel Lydecker and his men, Max as well as twelve others will not be caught back…

Ten later year Max always attempts to escape the Colonel Lydecker forces while trying to better understand her past and seeking for the other escaped. Endowed with super powers thanks to her modified DNA, Max becomes a robber during the night to finance her researches on her origins. But during a burglary, she meets Logan Cale, a Cyber idealistic journalist who defies the power in place...
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British release date: January 17, 2001
Us release date: October 03, 2000
Us release date: October 10, 2000

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Us poster from the series Dark Angel

Main Cast

  • Max Guevera
  • Logan Cale
  • Calvin 'Sketchy' T
  • Reagan 'Normal' Ro
  • Cynthia 'Original Cindy
  • Donald Lydecker
  • Alec
  • Herbal Thought
  • Ames White
  • Joshua
  • Asha Barlow

Also Known As

  • James Cameron's Dark Angel (us)

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