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The Day the Sky Exploded




For the first time ever, the United States and the USSR are going to launch a man to the moon on board rocket XZ. Chosen at the last minute among russian and english scientists, it is finally an american, John McLaren, who will become the first man in space.

After a long countdown, the rocket takes off. It has to undertake two revolutions around the Earth before heading towards the Moon for an orbital recognition mission. But after the success of the first phase, panic takes place in Cap Shark space center when contact is lost with John McLaren. Fortunatley, the astronaut ejects and returns on Earth to explain that the rocket suddenly left its path. The XZ rocket then becomes impossible to detect and turns into real atomic bomb launched into space... (Correction Luiz)
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Italian release date: September 04, 1958
Us release date: September 27, 1961

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Us poster from the movie The Day the Sky Exploded (La morte viene dallo spazio)

Main Cast

  • John McLaren
  • Mary McLaren
  • Katy Dandridge
  • Prof. Herbert Weisse
  • Peter Leduq
  • Gen. van Dorff
  • Sergei Boetnikov
  • Dennis McLaren
  • Randowsky
  • Lab Assistant
  • Landowsky
  • British Général
  • John McLaren (voix)
  • Stuart
  • French Général

Also Known As

  • Death from Outer Space (us)

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