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In today's world of modern conveniences, everything we rely on is run by electricity. But what happens if the power we take for granted turns against us? Old man Holger knows. He claims electricity is a living presence, whose voice can only be silenced by getting rid of anything that can hear it. Bill Rockland, however, refuses to believe him. It must have been an accident when an electric spark ruptured the gas pipe that nearly killed Bill's son. And it's surely a coincidence when his wife is severely scalded by their electric water heater. But when his own power tools attack him and an electrical fire turns their home into a blazing inferno, Bill realizes Holger may have been right after all, and perhaps the time has come to finally pull the plug...

Us release date: March 04, 1988

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Us poster from the movie Pulse



$7 500 000

Worldwide Box-office
$29 771 000

Also Known As

  • Пульс (inc)

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