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Meterologist Ron Young has been recruited to assist renegade Air Force General Roberts in a top-secret government operation to manipulate the weather. On board a specially-rigged plane, they launch their device into the eye of a massive weather front off California, which quickly accelerates to hurricane winds over 400 mph. But when on-board struggle for control ensues, the race is on to secure the storm device and stop the unbridled rampage about to wreak havoc in L.A. This time, the City of Angels doesn't have a prayer!

Us release date: September 11, 1999

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Unknown artwork from the movie Storm

Main Cast

  • Dr. Ron Young
  • Général James Roberts
  • Tom Holt
  • Dr. Daniel Platt
  • Major Tanya Goodman
  • Dr. Brian Newmeyer
  • Andrea McIntyre
  • Nate
  • Dwight
  • Richard
  • Danny
  • Shelley Newmeyer
  • Jorgensen
  • Banks
  • Randy

Also Known As

  • Storm Trackers (inc)

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