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Cyborg Girl




Jiro is just an ordinary college student with the most mundane of existences until one day 'She' shows up. With her large unblinking eyes and silver bodysuit, She walks into his lonely life and heart on his birthday, and turns his world upside down. A cyborg from the future, She was sent back in time by her creator, Jiro of the future, to protect present-day Jiro from a shooting that would have crippled him for life. For Jiro, having a beautiful, if slightly rough cyborg around is mighty handy, as She uses her super powers to save lives and get Jiro to class on time. Jiro gradually falls in love with this cyborg who develops human emotions, but She knows something about the future that he doesn't...

Japanese release date: May 31, 2008

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Japanese poster from the movie Cyborg Girl (Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu)

Also Known As

  • Cyborg She (int)
  • My Girlfriend Is a Cyborg (jp)

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