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Hypercube: Cube 2




Eight strangers wake up in a cube-shaped room not knowing how they got here. They soon realize that this is a place unlike any other - in mathematics a 4-dimentionnal cube; a hypercube. As the captives navigate the unending and interconnected rooms, they face deadly obstacles like "The Time Gears", "The Razorsphere", and "The Cube of Light". But Nothing is like it seems; left is right. Up is down. In is out. But someone carries a secret which threatens to destroy existence as they know it. Only one can susrvive the hypercube...

Us release date: April 15, 2003

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French poster from the movie Hypercube: Cube 2 (Cube 2: Hypercube)

Main Cast

  • Kate Filmore
  • Simon Grady
  • Sasha
  • Max Reisler
  • Jerry Whitehall
  • Mrs. Paley
  • Julia
  • Becky Young
  • Colonel Thomas H. Maguire
  • The Général
  • Tracton
  • Dr. Phil Rosenzweig



Also Known As

  • Cube²: Hypercube (us)
  • Hypercube (us)

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