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The High Crusade




Adapted from a novel by SciFi author Poul Anderson, this is a heroic romp through space where the medieval age meets the future. In 1345, while Sir Roger de Tourneville readies to marry Lady Catherine, a messenger comes to request his assistance so as to carry help to the English army in route to Jerusalem. In the night, a spaceship lands near the castle. Because its passengers are bellicose, a battle is committed. Rapidly, Sir Roger and his warriors win the battle and seize the alien vessel. They then constrain the pilot of the machine to drive them to Jerusalem to lead their crusade. But the Wersgor pilot exclaims "I have sent you to death!" as he engages the automatic piloting in direction of a planet colonized by his people... (Correction DaveB)

German release date: June 02, 1994

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French poster from the movie The High Crusade

Main Cast

  • Bruder Parvus
  • Sir Roger
  • Monsieur du Lac
  • Lady Catherine
  • Red John
  • Branithar
  • Alien Chief
  • Alien Assistant
  • Second Alien Assistant
  • Messenger
  • Hubert the Executioner
  • Lars the Executioner
  • Squire
  • Squire
  • Squire / Saracen

Also Known As

  • High Crusade - Frikassee im Weltraum (de)

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