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Deep in space, a penal colony located on a remote asteroid has just captured some Crites- small, porcupine-like creatures. Somehow, these creatures of voracious appetite escape from the asteroid in a space ship and land on earth, in search of something to satiate their craving-food, preferably humans.

In pursuit are two taciturn bounty hunters who can change their faces into anyone they choose...
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British release date: November 28, 1986
Us release date: April 11, 1986

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Us poster from the movie Critters

Main Cast

  • Helen Brown
  • Harv
  • Jay Brown
  • Brad Brown
  • April Brown
  • Charlie McFadden
  • Steve Elliot
  • Jeff Barnes
  • Johnny Steele / Ug
  • Reverend Miller
  • Sally
  • Warden Zanti
  • Ed
  • Bowler #1
  • Organist

Also Known As

  • Зубастики (inc)

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