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Crimes of the Future




The future. Millions of post-pubertal females have died from Rouge's Malady - a disease caused by cosmetics and discovered by mad dermatologist Antoine Rouge. Although Rouge has disappeared (possibly a victim of the disease), his clinic The House of Skin is managed by loyal disciple Adrian Tripod, lost without his master's guidance. Tripod meets an old colleague at the Institute of Neo-Venereal Disease, whose body is producing mysterious, functionless new organs. With the remaining male population in psychic relapse, Tripod joins the Oceanic Podiatry Group's therapy program, but is approached by a man who leads a conspiracy of heterosexual paedophiles. Their sole purpose is to impregnate a little girl brought prematurely to puberty to avoid Rouge's Malady. The girl is kidnapped, but no one in the group will impregnate her. Tripod is chosen but hesitates in front of her, sensing the presence of Antoine Rouge...

Us release date: August 10, 1984

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