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There's trouble in the South Seas when Marine biologist Jack Elway and his son, Brandon, are drawn to an obscure Polynesian island to study the effects of recent seismic activity on the area's marine life. A string of mysterious drownings soon turns their research project into a beachfront disaster as Jack learns that a nearby underwater trench is home to a family of giant reptiles that have mutated after prolonged exposure to buried pesticides. Brandon has already discovered and befriended a two-foot-long baby creature on land, but he's keeping it a secret to protect it from being captured and used for lab experiments. Unfortunately, the creature's father is growing impatient in his search for the baby ... and he's in no mood for the military "welcome" that awaits him on shore!

Us release date: May 19, 1998

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French poster from the TV movie Gargantua

Main Cast

  • Jack Ellway
  • Dr. Alyson Hart
  • Brandon Ellway
  • Colonel Wayne
  • Paul Bateman
  • Dr. Ralph Hale
  • Derek Lawson
  • President Manny Moki
  • Kikko
  • Police Chief
  • Naru
  • Tari
  • Girl #1
  • Girl #2
  • T.J.


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