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Creature from the Haunted Sea




Renzo Capetto, a dastardly gangster, intends to smuggle a fortune out of Cuba, and it's up to Towne to infiltrate his gang. When he does, he discovers that Capetto's plan is to kill off his crew and blame their deaths on the mythical "Creature from the Haunted Sea". Little does he know that the actual creature may make his plan all to easy to pull off!

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Us poster from the movie Creature from the Haunted Sea

Main Cast

  • Renzo Capetto
  • Mary-Belle Monahan
  • Sparks Moran / Agent XK150 /
  • Pete Peterson Jr.
  • Happy Jack Monahan
  • Rosina Perez
  • Mango Perez
  • Gen. Tostada
  • Cuban
  • Cuban
  • Cuban
  • Carmelita Rodriguez
  • Cuban


Also Known As

  • Существо из моря с привидениями (inc)

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