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1967. On a Caribbean island, the Navy has installed a secret laboratory whose official mission is the study of the utilization of dolphins in the underwater war against Vietnam. But the Dr. Kruger, elected by some generals, continues an other goal: the creation of a hybrid between dolphin, endowed with a remarkable intelligence, and the white shark, real killing machine. During an experiment, the monster created by Kruger escapes all control and faints in the ocean.

1997. Simon Chase, marine biologist and shark specialist, is found confronted with a series of atrociously mutilated corpses. He finds strange these attacks attributed to "Great Whites". He inquires and asserts that it does not concern sharks but nobody in the island takes this hypothesis to seriousness. Chase resumes then his researches and discovers documents from Kruger that allow him little by little to understand the horrible truth: the monster has been "programed" to escape mankind and to destroy it...

Us release date: May 17, 1998

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French poster from the TV movie Creature

Main Cast

  • Dr. Simon Chase
  • Dr. Amanda Mayson
  • Adm. Aaron Richland
  • Krystyn
  • Adam Puckett
  • Tauna
  • Maxwell Bishop
  • Elizabeth
  • Rollie Gibson
  • Ben Madiera
  • Lt. Thomas Peniston / Werewo
  • Kimo
  • Bobby Tobin
  • Exec
  • Seal Ochoa

Also Known As

  • Peter Benchley's Creature (inc)

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