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Dr. Harry Wolper, a lonely biologist, is unable to let go of the memory of his beloved wife who died 25 years earlier during childbirth. Armed with his genius as a biologist/physician, he is intent on mastering the process of creating life. Specifically in the form of his dead wife. All that's standing in his way is the university, the faculty, the laws of nature and about 20 local ordinances! But just when he is about to unravel the mystery of life, a sexy young assistant moves in and captures his heart. Now, the only life that comes unraveled is his own. A wild and wonderful fantasy that is comically brought together by a wacky professor and his free spirited assistants...

British release date: June 22, 1990
Us release date: September 20, 1985

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Us poster from the movie Creator

Main Cast

  • Dr. Harry Wolper
  • Meli
  • Boris Lafkin
  • Barbara Spencer
  • Dr. Sid Kullenbeck
  • Paul
  • Lucy Wolper
  • Pavlo
  • Mrs. Mallory
  • Mrs. Pruitt
  • Mr. Spencer
  • Mrs. Spencer
  • Prof. Brauer
  • Boom-Boom
  • Lyman

Also Known As

  • The Big Picture (us)

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