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The Crawling Hand




At Space Operations, Florida Division, the news is bad: their moon shot is a failure and the ship, with a deranged and disfigured astronaut, Captain Lockhart, has to be destroyed on re-entry. Operations suspect an alien life form which somehow made its way onto the ship, is to blame. Meanwhile, a continent away, in Palms, California, young lovers Paul and Marta's day at the beach is a wash when they encounter a horribly mutilated body on the shoreline. Paul, a medical student, takes the body, but an undetected, detached hand, still very much alive, plays havoc as it stalks and strangles one victim after another. The police are baffled by their only clue - fingerprints which belong to one Captain Lockhart, the astronaut reportedly lost in space.

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Us poster from the movie The Crawling Hand

Main Cast

  • Steve Curan
  • Dr. Max Weitzberg
  • Paul Lawrence
  • Sheriff Townsend
  • Donna
  • Marta Farnstrom
  • Mrs. Hotchkiss
  • Lee Barrenger
  • Security Chief Meidel
  • Deputy Earl Harrison
  • Ambulance Attendant
  • Ambulance Attendant
  • Ambulance Attendant
  • Soda Shop Owner
  • Prof. Farnstrom

Also Known As

  • Don't Cry Wolf (us)
  • The Creeping Hand (us)
  • Tomorrow You Die (us)

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