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Crash of Moons




Two inhabited planets locked in constant orbit are dealt a lethal fate when astronomers predict

that they will collide with one another, ultimately destroying both civilizations! Rocky Jones and his team must race against time to save the lives of

their respective citizens, while trying to persuade Cleolanta, an arrogant dictator of one of the "moons," to cooperate with their rescue efforts...

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Us release date: July 10, 1954

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Us poster from the TV movie Crash of Moons

Main Cast

  • Rocky Jones (archives)
  • Winky (archives)
  • Vena Ray (archives)
  • Bobby (archives)
  • Professeur Newton (archives)
  • Secretary of Space Drake (ar
  • Cleolanta (archives)
  • Atlasan (archives)
  • Potonda (archives)
  • Bavarro (archives)
  • Trinka (archives)
  • Lasvon, Cleolanta's Lie

Also Known As

  • Crash of the Moons (us)
  • Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Crash of the Moons (us)

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