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Death Race 2000




In the year 2000, in the United States -driven since 1979 in a serious economic crisis and directed from a foreign country by a powerfull president- the most popular athletic contests is the annual transcontinental race connecting New York to New Los Angeles, high violent car race where competitors have to crush spectators and walkers to get points of improvement. But, while begins the twentieth transcontinental race, the resistance decides to put an end to it by eliminating competitors...

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Us release date: April 27, 1975

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Us poster from the movie Death Race 2000

Main Cast

  • Frankenstein
  • Annie Smith
  • Machine Gun Joe Viterbo
  • Calamity Jane
  • Matilda the Hun
  • Nero the Hero
  • Myra
  • Junior Bruce
  • Grace Pander
  • Harold
  • Mr. President
  • Special Agent
  • Thomasina Paine
  • Lt. Fury
  • Deacon



$300 000

Also Known As

  • Sasikvdilo rbola 2000 (inc)
  • Смертельные гонки 2000 года (inc)

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