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Control Factor




Lance Bishop is an unsuspecting insurance salesman whose life is suddenly torn inside-out when a disheveled stranger attempts to murder him. Soon, a powerful voice in Lance's head is repeatedly ordering him to kill his devoted wife, Karen. Questioning his own sanity, Lance discovers the voice is part of a top-secret government mind-control project - and no one is safe. With a time bomb ticking in his mind, it's up to Lance and a small band of risky renegades to stop the widespread plan for domination for the free will of the nation...

Us release date: January 18, 2003

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French poster from the TV movie Control Factor

Main Cast

  • Lance Bishop
  • Karen Bishop
  • Reggie
  • Thrillkill
  • Director
  • Darco
  • Trevor Constantine
  • Susan
  • Detective Jordan
  • Homeless Trance Man
  • Clerk
  • Abused Wife
  • Abused Husband
  • Mommy
  • Daddy



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Also Known As

  • Cortex contrôle (ca)

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