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Professor Eleanor "Ellie" Anne Arroway is an astronomy and science fanatic. She rents with her own funds, the VLA network, a system composed of 27 antennae listening to the stars. Her goal, to intercept a possible alien message coming from outer space. After four barren years, under the threat of losing her financing for her project, when all seems lost, she receives a message from the stars; a signal on frequency 4.46Ghz coming from Vega...
(Correction Arroxane Ullman)

British release date: September 26, 1997
Us release date: July 11, 1997

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Us poster from the movie Contact

Main Cast

  • Young Ellie
  • Ted Arroway
  • Eleanor Arroway
  • Fisher
  • Kent
  • Vernon
  • Davio
  • Cantina Woman
  • Palmer Joss
  • David Drumlin
  • Minister
  • Hadden Suit
  • Willie
  • Himself
  • Ian Broderick



$90 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$165 900 000

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