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Cocoon: The Return




When the space travellers return to Earth on a special rescue mission, they are reunited with

their own families and friends who they left behind when they were offered the gift of eternal youth by benevolent aliens. To their delight they soon

realise that Earth isn't the worst planet in the galaxy...

Us release date: November 23, 1988

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Us poster from the movie Cocoon: The Return

Main Cast

  • Art Selwyn
  • Benjamin 'Ben' Luc
  • Sara
  • Joseph 'Joe' Finle
  • Bernard 'Bernie' L
  • Jack Bonner
  • David
  • Marilyn 'Mary' Luc
  • Ruby Feinberg
  • Alma Finley
  • Bess McCarthy Selwyn
  • Kitty
  • Susan
  • Pillsbury - Antarean
  • Doc

Also Known As

  • Кокон: Bозвращение (inc)
  • Cocoon 2 (us)
  • Cocoon II: The Return (us)

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