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Killer Klowns from Outer Space




After a meteor plunges to Earth, young lovers Mike and Debbie discover a circus tent-spacecraft piloted by grinning, red-nosed aliens. The klown passengers are not happy makers of merriment however, but instead demented homicidal aliens with rather unique ways of killing their victims, who methodically preserve tasty human treats in cotton candy cocoons. Naturally, the kruel killer klowns kreate khaos for the kops, until someone discovers the aliens' weakness--by a nose...

Us release date: May 27, 1988

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Us poster from the movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Main Cast

  • Mike Tobacco
  • Debbie Stone
  • Dave Hanson
  • Curtis Mooney
  • Rich Terenzi
  • Paul Terenzi
  • Farmer Gene Green
  • Bob McReed
  • Stacy
  • Tracy
  • Punk #1
  • Punk #2
  • Mrs. Franco
  • Mr. Myers
  • Mom #1

Also Known As

  • Клоуны-убийцы из космоса (inc)

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