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The Clonus Horror




Somewhere in California is hidden a mysterious industrial complex. Apparently well known to certain privileged members of the inner circles of government, this factory has just one product: human clones... Raised in a state of blissful ignorance, both about their origin and their ultimate fate, the clones dream of "America" - where, so their guardians tell them, they will one day be sent. But what happens when one of these farmed clones starts to ask difficult questions... and comes looking for the real America?

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Us poster from the movie The Clonus Horror

Main Cast

  • Richard Knight Jr.
  • Lena
  • Dr. Jameson
  • Jake Noble
  • Prof. Richard P. Knight
  • Jeffrey Knight
  • Dr. Nelson
  • Ricky Knight
  • Anna Noble
  • George Walker
  • Guide #4
  • Clone
  • Jack
  • Senator
  • Doctor

Also Known As

  • Alter Ego (uk)
  • Clonus (us)
  • Parts: The Clonus Horror (us)

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