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The City of Lost Children




The City of Lost Children is a dazzling fantasy adventure from Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, creators of Delicatessen. They bring their surreal vision to the story of Krank, a tormented scientist who sets about kidnapping local children in order to steal their dreams and so reverse his accelerated ageing process. When Krank's henchmen kidnap his brother, local fisherman and former circus strongman One (Ron Perlman) sets out on a journey to Krank's nightmarish laboratory, accompanied by Miette, an orphan girl who has her own.

German release date: August 17, 1995
Spanish release date: August 11, 1995
French release date: May 17, 1995
British release date: September 01, 1995
Us release date: December 15, 1995

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Us poster from the movie The City of Lost Children (La cité des enfants perdus)

Also Known As

  • Die Stadt der verlorenen Kinder (de)
  • La ciutat dels nens perduts (es)
  • La ciudad de los niños perdidos (es)

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