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Circus of Horrors




A deranged plastic surgeon (Anton Diffring) takes over a traveling circus then transforms horribly disfigured young women into ravishing beauties and forces them to perform in his three-ring extravaganza. But when the re-sculpted lovelies try to escape the clutches of the obsessed doctor, they begin to meet with sudden and horrific 'accidents.' Now the trapeze is swinging, the knives are flying, the wild animals are loose -- and 'The Grisliest Show On Earth' is about to begin!

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Us poster from the movie Circus of Horrors

Main Cast

  • Dr. Schuler
  • Elissa Caro
  • Nicole Vanet
  • Vanet
  • Angela
  • Martin
  • Insp. Arthur Ames
  • Supt. Andrews
  • Magda von Meck
  • Melina
  • Evelyn Morley Finsbury
  • Doctor Morley
  • Edward Finsbury
  • German Police Inspector Knop
  • Nicole

Also Known As

  • Phantom of the Circus (inc)

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