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Hairi, is a loser who lives in Metrofulus. While working in the lab, he accidentally drinks coffee that has been contaminated by a virus-infected gecko. He soon finds himself doing the most insane things, such as sticking to walls, making chirping cicak noises and adding bugs to his menu. He turns to his best friend and apartment mate, Danny, and begs him to find the reason behind his strange antics.

Meanwhile, the people of Metrofulus are constantly being infected by new strains of viruses, and the only cure seems to come only from Professor Klon's lab. Suspecting something amiss, Hairi and Danny launch their own investigation and discover that Professor Klon is not only the creator of such viruses, but also has a more sinister plan up his sleeve, backed by his business partners, the Ginger Boys, who first tend to take revenge on Professor Klon's failed experiment on them; making their senses turn abnormal. Hairi soon makes use his new power as "Cicakman" and makes a fullstop to Professor Klon and Ginger Boys, while same time leading his love towards his lab partner, Tania...

Malaysian release date: December 07, 2006

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Unknown poster from the movie Cicak-man

Main Cast

  • Cicak-man / Hairi
  • Tania
  • Professeur Klon
  • Danny
  • Ginger 1
  • Ginger 2
  • Nadia
  • President Bandaraya Metroful
  • Gang Member 1
  • ...
  • Gang member 3
  • Gang Member 4
  • Gang Member 5
  • Ticket seller
  • Policeman



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