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The Martian Chronicles




A large-screen version of Ray Bradbury's famous sci-fi novel. Rock Hudson plays the pivotal role of Colonel Wilder, the leader of the third manned space flight to Mars. He decides to send for his family, and they join the first group of settlers in colonising the new frontier...

British release date: August 09, 1980
Us release date: January 27, 1980

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British poster from the series The Martian Chronicles

Main Cast

  • Col. John Wilder
  • Ruth Wilder
  • Major Jeff Spender
  • Ben Driscoll
  • Commander Arthur Black
  • Sam Parkhill
  • Father Stone
  • Genevieve Seltzer
  • Elma Parkhill
  • Anna Lustig
  • Father Peregrine
  • Marilyn Becker
  • David Lustig
  • Général Halstead
  • Mr. K

Also Known As

  • Марсианские хроники (inc)

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