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The Brood




Behind the walls of his secluded Somafree Institute, Dr. Hal Raglan experiments with "Psychoplasmics," a controversial therapy designed to help release pent-up emotions in his patients. He keeps his star patient Nola in isolation, but as she vents her fury during their sessions, brutal murders befall the people she's angry with outside the institute. What is the connection between Raglan's methods and these monstrous killings? The answer will unleash a whole new breed of terror!

Canadian release date: June 01, 1979
British release date: March 13, 1980
Us release date: May 25, 1979

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Us poster from the movie The Brood

Also Known As

  • La clinique de la terreur (ca)
  • David Cronenberg's The Brood (ca)
  • Bывoдок (inc)

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