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The Deadly Mantis




The warming of the atmosphere due to a volcano eruption has caused a part of the ice of the north pole to melt, which liberates a horrible monster: a huge praying mantis deep-frozen there for nearly a million years.

Colonel Joe Parkman, helped by paleontologist Dr. Ned Jackson from the Washington Paleontologist Department of the Natural History Museum and his assistant, journalist Marge Blaine, are assigned to get rid of the giant insect threat...
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Us poster from the movie The Deadly Mantis

Main Cast

  • Col. Joe Parkman
  • Dr. Nedrick 'Ned' Jackson
  • Marge Blaine
  • Gen. Mark Ford
  • Sgt. Pete Allen
  • Prof. Anton Gunther
  • Corporal, Parkman's Clerk
  • Lou, Radar Man
  • Army Sergeant
  • Lt. Fred Pizar
  • Mrs. Farley

Also Known As

  • The Giant Mantis (inc)
  • The Incredible Praying Mantis (inc)

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