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When Worlds Collide




At the Moutena observatory in South Africa, David Randall, steed in plane, is given by professor Bronson a black suitcase of a capital interest. David has to carry this suitcase to the observatory of New York and to deliver it personally to professor Hendron; this in the most brief periods. The suitcase contains in fact a series of astronomical calculations and cliches on two planets, Zira and Bellus, that have their path in collision with the Earth.

Zira is a planet of the size of the Earth and it turns around Bellus, far more large and hostile. Calculations show that Bellus will strike the Earth on 12 August at 9.00AM, preceded in 19 days by its satellite Zira that will only graze it. Calculations of Bronson are confirmed by professor Hendron. The end of the world is coming...

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Us poster from the movie When Worlds Collide

Main Cast

  • David Randall
  • Joyce Hendron
  • Dr. Tony Drake
  • Sydney Stanton
  • Dr. Cole Hendron
  • Julie Cummings
  • Dr. George Frye
  • Harold Ferris
  • Dr. Emery Bronson
  • Dr. Ottinger


Also Known As

  • Когда сталкиваются миры (inc)

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