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Cold Harvest




It's been two years since the comet devastated planet Earth, leaving humans on the brink of extinction. Disease has raged out of control and lawless savages patrol the streets. Out of the shadows emerges Roland (Gary Daniels), with revenge on his mind. With the help of his suicidal sister-in-law, Christine, he seeks to avenge the death of his brother by finding one of the only seven humans who carry the precious anti-body that can cure the overwhelming plague.

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French poster from the movie Cold Harvest

Main Cast

  • Roland Chaney / Oliver Chane
  • Little Ray
  • Christine Chaney
  • Barman
  • Bouncer
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Capitaine
  • Convoy Soldier #1
  • Convoy Soldier #2
  • Desk Sergeant
  • Duff
  • Female Soldier
  • Harlan Frye
  • Hooker #1
  • Hooker #2

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