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Time After Time




London, 1893. H.G. Wells unites some friends to explain them that he is ready to travel in time thanks to a machine of his invention. Among them, Doctor Stevenson, surgeon, who is also the terribly famous "Jack the Riper". Wells explains them that his machine is supplied with a security system, a key without which, the machine returns systematically to its starting point.

Suddenly, two Scotland Yard policmen make irruption at Wells' home. They announce him that the body of a prostitute has been found, disemboweled in a dark street and that Jack the Riper is not far. They quickly discover Stevenson's suitcase that contains bloody evidences of his real personality. Yes but we cannont find Stevenson now...

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Us release date: August 31, 1979

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French poster from the movie Time After Time

Also Known As

  • Путешествие в машине времени (inc)

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