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Children of the Damned




Beautiful, strange children with genius IQ's, destructive dispositions, and ray-gun eyes, who were invaders bent on overtaking the earth in the former tale, are now a sample of mankind's future sent to the earth for the purpose of being destroyed in order to teach the present-day warlike man a lesson of some sort. Plagued with a tedious and unimaginative plot. (Josh).

Us release date: January 10, 1964
Us release date: January 29, 1964

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Us poster from the movie Children of the Damned

Main Cast

  • Col Tom Llewellyn
  • Dr. David Neville
  • Susan Eliot
  • Colin Webster
  • Diana Looran
  • Defense Minister
  • Commander
  • Prof. Gruber
  • Harib
  • Mr. Davidson
  • Russian official
  • Mrs. Robbins, Mark's Gr
  • Paul
  • Mi Ling
  • Nina

Also Known As

  • The Children (inc)
  • The Children Return (inc)
  • Дети проклятых (inc)
  • Horror! (us)

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